Porn deceptively promises pleasure... at the price of bondage, addiction, a distorted view of sex, and potentially spiritual death.
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"But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ." 1 Cor. 15:57
REALIZE that Porn is an addiction. Like any other addiction,
it will never fullfill you, you will always crave for more, and it
will bring lots of trouble & destruction to your life.
OBTAIN your freedom thru Jesus Christ, He has the power
& ability to set you free from any addiction. Porn is a sin, and
there is evil behind any type of sin. Confess your sins to God,
repent from them, and receive His forgiveness and freedom.
KEEP your freedom by knowing and using His Word. Jesus
can set you free, but you need to do your part to stay free.
best weapon against temptation is the Word of God.
PROFIT. Once you are no longer slaved by porn and lust,
use your freedom to live healthy & productively, and to make
your life count by helping others know about the love, the
hope, and the power of Jesus.
DESTROY any porn materials you own or have access to. God tells us to be radical
when dealing with sin. If necessary, cancel your Internet, cable, or phone data service.
AVOID putting yourself in vulnerable situations. Keep & use your computer and TV in
public spaces & common areas. Avoid those people who influence you to use porn.
INSTALL online Filters & Safety software, and Accountability software in your
computer and mobile device.
BE PROACTIVE with whatever goes into your mind. Feed Your Mind Daily with The
Bible & pray; to keep your mind healthy. Listen to Christian messages online and radio.
Get involved in a healthy bible-based church.
REPLACE the porn habit with healthy habits. Pick up a healthy hobby for your idle
time. Have fun through healthy activities such as sports, outdoor activities, volunteering,
etc. God created us with a need for fun - do it wisely.
GET UP if you fall down in the process. Even the best have learned to always get up
and keep moving forward. Don’t let guilt or shame keep you down. God will
forgive us, if we confess our sins to Him. Get up, learn from it, & keep your guard up -
just don't abuse God's grace.
BE YOUR BEST in every aspect of your life. God has given you enormous potential
to excel spiritually, physically, intellectually, & emotionally. Don't let porn hold you back